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Being self-aware is the first step in the journey to self-mastery



One Sentence Journal

Have you ever wanted to journal but felt that it is too much of a hassle . The one sentence Journal Prompts you to just write a sentence but to create a space to think. 

There are always new heights to achieve and thats includes you. Use these worksheets as a tool to explore more of who you are. 

L.U.V Journal

It's important to learn how to trust yourself and understand your emotions. This Journal is designed to help you reflect on specific events so that you can validate your feelings while also gaining information from the situation. This will help you respond rather than just reacting. 


7 Domains of Health

It is important to evaluate your total well being. We are more than just our physical health. This workbook allows you to focus on 7 key domains of health. As you are taking more time to open your awareness to yourself. 

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